Button change on result slide only if the pass percentage is at 80

I would like to create a button on the results slide that sends the students to a Google form that they can fill out. I am going to keep the form embedded in the storyline file. So it would go results slide then the next slide would have a Google form embedded. I am having trouble wrapping my head around  how to disable the button that will send the students to the results slide only if that have a passing score of 80%.  If they do not have a passing score they will need to redo the module until they do.  I would like the button to say disable until they have that 80%. 

Is there a way to do this and does this make sense.



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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Brian,

Would this work?

Set that button's initial state to hidden.

Then add a trigger to that button to change its state to normal when the timeline starts on the results slide if Results.score.percent is Greater than or equal to Results.pass.percent.

If that's not clear, or if it doesn't work, please shout out with any questions.