Pre Test to Opt Out of Completing Course

Nov 07, 2019

I have built a training course that has two scenes....

1 - Pre-test knowledge assessment, that if they pass they would not have to complete the entire course. The last page is a results page.  If they do not obtain the passing score of 80% they would have to select the button to route to scene 2 (entire course).   If they obtain the passing score of 80% or higher, I would like for them to be able to complete the training at this point.

2 - Entire course with quiz questions and a results page. 

The course is working if they complete scene 2 to the end with a passing score.

Scene 1 is not completing the course when they obtain a passing score.

I have attached the storybook file for reference on how to set up the triggers on slide 1.43

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