Revisiting a course - scoring

Hi all,

I'm hoping you Storyline gurus can help me! 

I've created a course with a quiz at the end. When users revisit the course after passing the course sets their score back to 0 and status back to in progress. How can i stop it doing this? I want them to be able to get lower scores if they retake the quiz so SCORE_CAN_ONLY_IMPROVE needs to be false.

Any ideas?



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Mark Bennett

To give a bit more background, there is a popup at the start saying, "Warning, if you click ok you will lose your current score and status. Click Cancel to close this course and keep your current score."

If the user hits cancel I set the status and score via javascript to that which i received via javascript on course load. The problem is that the last thing Storyline does when closing a course is set score to 0 which overwrites my setting of the score.