Revisiting a slide and changing timings

Sep 12, 2012

Here's one I cannot get my head around..

On a course I am building...

1> You get to a slide - it has a voiceover.

2> Matching the v/o, 4 x images fade in at about 3, 6, 9 and 12 seconds. Let's call it the "Choice slide".

3> Each one fires off another slide, and when you have finished that slide, "Next" brings you back to the Choice slide.

4> I have disabled the audio on revisit using a Variable, but I want the pictures to all remain showing, not fading at their allotted times.

Setting "Resume Saved State" makes the piccies fine, but plays the v/o again.

Any ideas - must be a way to (simply?) do this - I hope.

Yours - stumped.


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