Revisiting lesson with multiple activities

Jul 18, 2013


I would appreciate your advice!

I have a series of lessons, some of which have 2 activities. However, if the user gets an activity wrong, they have the opportunity to either Try Again or review the lesson.

This works OK for activity 1. However if they get activity 2 wrong and review the lesson, they still need to progress through activity 1 again.

I have set the slide to reset to initial state when revisiting (for the try again option) but if they redo the lesson then I don't want them to have to redo activity 1 again to get to activity 2.

Does anyone have any ideas as to how I can get around this?

Many thanks


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Shelley McKay

Hi Mike

No problem.

So if they pass activity 2, they will get a correct feedback popup and if they click continue they will go to activity 2.

In this example the 2 activities are in the same lesson. If they review the lesson from activity 2, and they have already answered activity 1, it would be great if they could skip activity 1.

So for all activities there are 3 feedback pop ups:

Correct - Continue button takes you either to the next question if there is one or back to the landing page where the user can choose where they go to next.

Incorrect - Correct answer button takes them to the correct answer (after 3 attempts)

Try again - has two options - a Lesson button where they can review the lesson or a Try again button where they can attempt the activity again.

I hope that makes sense now.



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