Rewinding a few seconds option?

Apr 16, 2020

I just launched a large training program (Storyline) and I am receiving feedback from learners about the need to be able to rewind the slide a few seconds (not a rewind to the beginning of the slide).  I have already set up the seekbar to be able to be dragged after user completion of that slide, but what they are wanting is the ability to have something repeated soon after they hear it/see it.

I searched for this topic and didn't find much out here for work-arounds or suggestions.

Does anyone have a recommendation on how to add this type of feature to the slides?

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Jen Fahrmann

I see that option, but what do you recommend the user click on or the slide to do to have this happen? I am already having custom "Prev" and "Next" buttons because I don't want the user to click on Next before the slide is finished (so it only appears at the end of the slide).  I really don't want yet another button on the screen - the slide is already pretty "crowded" now.  Does anyone have an example of the trigger options they used to make this happen?