Rogue 'change state to hidden' triggers

Aug 27, 2023

We're building a decision tool for users to select the age of their child (slide 1.2), up to 3 primary child-centered needs (slide 1.3), and a family need (slide 1.4).  Depending upon their selections, lists of providers to help them generates in 3 groupings (health (slide 1.6), community (slide 1.7), personal(slide 1.8)). 

We've got 3 rogue selections that are not behaving and state is showing as normal instead of hidden where there is no logic indicating they should be shown as normal.  Family (slide 1.8), Friends (slide 1.8), and Care coordinator-navigator (slide 1.6).  All other providers are functioning correctly.  A downloadable document (slide 1.5) shows the logic. All insights are appreciated!

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Christine Harradine

Thank you for taking time to look at this for us!  Would love to know how/why the triggers got corrupted but deleting them and rewriting did the trick this time.  I had tried this in an earlier version to no avail, so that is truly puzzling.  We must have a gremlin. 

The addition of an actual hidden state - for some odd reason - fixed some other odd behaviors.  I'd never had to do that before.  Thanks again.

Steven Benassi

Hi Christine!

I see that you've been getting some great help from Phil, but I just wanted to pop in and share this article that details the steps you can take to reduce the risk of file corruption in the future.

Thanks for following up! Have a great start to your week!