Running a SCORM on Internet Explorer 11

While uploading and running the e-learning is not a problem, I am having issues tracking completions.   I did set a trigger "exit" on the last page so that employees could go back to the LMS and e-sign for the training, but the button does not work.  

I have noticed that if I run it on Google chrome it works perfectly, but on IE unfortunately it does not.  Since not all employees have Chrome installed, I need to find a fix for IE.   Has anybody experienced anything like this.


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Matthew Bibby
  1. Does it fail to report completion every time IE11 is used? 
  2. How are you measuring completion? Slides viewed? Quiz? Course complete trigger?
  3. Have you tested the course in SCORM Cloud? If not, upload it there and test using IE11. If it works in SCORM Cloud with IE11, then it suggests that the issue may be with your LMS rather than your course.
  4. Have you built other courses that work? If so, check your publishing settings and see if you've done anything different this time.
  5. Is IE11 running in compatibility mode? 
  6. Can you test the course using IE11 from a personal computer? Sometimes IT do silly things that cause issues. 
Susana Guzman

Thanks for the answer, here are the answers.

1. it does not fail every time but rather randomly. We have noticed that once you pass the test and window closes, all the employees need to do is to go back to the training, choose to resume where they left it and then close the window (wherever they were), then the sign up screen appears. Basically don’t use the exit button but rather just close the window. While that seems to work, we would like to figure out a way to make it work as it should

2. Score on quiz

3. No, I have not tested that, how can I do so?

4. Yes, I have built a couple and they typically work on Chrome, but I do have from time to time the issue with IE

5. I am not sure how to assess that

6. I have not done so, but I will.