Running out of disk space running AS2 on Parellels

I'm continuously running out of disk space running now, running AS2 on Parellels on my Mac. I've done all the obvious things to reduce the disk space--deleted programs, defragmented, cleaned up, shifted the CPU indicator further to the right. Nothing is working and now my project won't save. I just have the standard Parallels package. Do I need to upgrade to Pro--or is there something else I can do? Used to work fine ...

Thanks for your help!

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Phil Mayor

Disk cleanup should help,  ensure you have the latest version of storyline installed as there was a case of temp files bloating and not being cleaned up.  You don't say how large your disk is but you could expand the disk in parallels to give more space.  I run my VM off an external SSD using a thunderbolt cable this way I reduce the load on the internal drive.