Running Storyline on Mac with VMWare Fusion


I'm working on a rather large Storyline project on my Mac using VMWare Fusion. I'm able to make changes to the project, preview and save it (although it takes a while). The one problem I'm running into is when I click the Player button in Storyline. I'm getting the message "Available Memory is Low - It is strongly recommended that you close any unneeded applications and save your project." 

I don't have any other applications open - in Windows or in Mac. My Mac has 8GB of RAM. I'm using Windows 7. I've tried changing the settings in my VMWare to allocate more RAM to Windows, but continue to get this message so I can not make modifications to the Player settings.

Has anyone experienced this, or can someone using Storyline with VMWare Fusion provide some recommendations on what settings are working for them? I'm at the point where I'm questioning if I would have better success using Paralles.


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Bryce Gilbert

Hi Leslie. Yes, I do have a course logo I've added. That could be the issue, as I wouldn't expect to see a low memory warning when I have 8GB of ram. I can't currently remove my logo, so I guess I could start a support case and upload my course to get this fixed?

I should mention that I've imported slides from several Presenter projects into one Storyline project. Due to my deadlines, I've actually reverted back to Presenter and have combined my modules there so I think for this project I will not use Storyline. I would however like to know if I should expect to see this issue to continue in Storyline when I have course logos.