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Jun 05, 2013


I need to sync some sentences with audio and then publish as video (WMV, AVI, etc). Does any Articulate product have the capacity of saving as/publishing video (NOT flash)? Something like Powerpoint's "save as video" option? I can do it with Powerpoint but it lacks Articulate's timeline, which makes syncing far easier and precise.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Paul and welcome to Heroes!

I'm not sure which part you need - but Storyline and Studio both do not have the functionality to publish as a single video file, although it's something you can submit as a feature request. 

In regards to syncing audio, there is a tutorial here on how to sync animations with audio in Storyline and for Presenter, you can follow the directions here.

Kevin Thorn

Hey Manuel and Paul,

While it may be a bummer not to have that feature available in the current version of Storyline, there's always a way!

I'll spare you with a list of other software tools that could support your needs, but in the meantime here's quick solution.

  • Create your sentence syncing in Storyline as you would normally do. 
  • Set the Player to hide all references to buttons, sidebar menu, tabs, title, etc. and the player border so only the slide content displays.
  • Publish to Web.
  • Push to a server or run it locally.
  • Use Screenr or Replay (or other sreencasting software such as Sceenflow or Jing) to then record the output.
  • Save the recording in the video format you need. I know Screenr exports as MP4 and Jing I believe is a MOV.

If you need WMV you're going to need a Windows-related tool as that's a specific format to Windows - hence, "Windows Media Video." AVI is an uncompressed video and is typically a very large file, and if you're going to play this across multiple browsers you'll need to convert an AVI into other formats anyway.

Give that a shot. May be all you need for now.

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