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May 14, 2012

Twice today I have been working in Storyline and received a pop-up error saying "This project can not be saved" once I get the error I am unable to save or even do a save as and rename the presentation. The first time I received the error the title of my presentation name was changed to untitled2 and I wasn't able to change it,  the second time the title stayed the same, but still unable to save it to my desktop or to a shared folder.

When I close out the presentation it gives me the pop-up asking if I want to save and I click save and nothing happens the only way to close the window out completely is to click on don't save.

Has anyone else seen this error and if you have do you know what happened or is it a bug?

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Krista McCraken

This thread was really useful to me just now. I published a project just an hour ago with no problem, then tried to publish another project and was getting incomplete outputs. This was always preceeded by the "Low Memory" warning when I was verifying player properties.

I found Mike Bethany's post above to be the ticket! Somehow that project file was corrupted (and saving new versions of it did nothing), but when I created a NEW PROJECT, then IMPORTED the other project in, everything worked like a charm!

Not sure why this happened, but as long as I have a fix or workaround, I can roll with it!

David Smith

I used to have that problem too. Ever since I have been doing once or twice a day maintenance by running; run/temp/select all/delete the problem has stopped.

Dont forget to empty recycle bin afterward.

I have found SL to be a real resource hog. You will be surprised at the amount ot temp files you delete. Sometimes SL is worse than others. Keeping other windows and open applications to a minimum, not leaving things open you don't use during the day, helps too.

S. El Boushy

I have the same experience. I looks like my memory is being “eaten” by storyline. I consumes much more than the size of my project(s). So now and then I receive some memory back when restating storyline.  Also during the time working on a project I see my memory lowering. Especially when opening 2 projects at the same time while copying slides from one to another. A lot of memory seems to be stuck in temporary files, which are not always easy to find.


Adrienne E

Hi Leslie,

I updated, imported, and am still having the same problem. Sometimes I get the "This project cannot be saved" error. Other times when I try to save the file, it says I have to overwrite the old one. When I click "overwrite," I get an "Object Disposed" error message. It allows me to save it under a new name, which is annoying because I save quite frequently, so I end up with dozens of files.

One thing I'm wondering- every time I open a Storyline file, a blank Firefox window opens as well. (It used to have a pop-up asking me how I wanted to open the file, and I would click Storyline 2. Now I've set it to automatically open Storyline files with Storyline 2, but the Firefox window still opens.) I usually just close the Firefox window immediately. Do you know why this window opens? Is it possibly related? (I don't know anything about computers, but I'm thinking maybe the computer gets confused when the Firefox window is closed but the Storyline file is still open.)

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