Saving copy on local disc. Help!

I have my story installed on a local C disc. I do have one more local disc E and it has more space. I build my courses on E and save them on E. I even moved my Articulate projcets folder to E. But I see that every time I save my project it somehow makes a copy (that I can't identify) on C as well. It couses me real trouble as I can't save big projects though I work on E. The result is that I barely have space on C and lot of space on E but it seems to be useless. What do I do wrong? Please help me

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Jon DeGroot

Hey Olga, 

This is a very strange issue. I don't believe Articulate saves multiple copies of the files but perhaps it is in your case. Let's try and find the files on the C Disc so we can move or delete them and clear up some space.

Open up your C:/ drive and let's do a search for the Storyline files. In the top right of the explorer window you can type in *.story and press enter. This will do a search for all of the Storyline project files on the local C Disc. I have attached a screenshot showing you this. From there you can see where they are located on the C Disc and either move them to E or delete them if they are duplicates. If the search doesn't find any Storyline files on the C Disc we'll have to look at what else may be using up the space. 

Let me know what you find.