Saving publishing settings in Storyline 2

Aug 19, 2016

When you create a default Storyline document, the default publishing standards are set to SCORM 1.2. These will be the LMS publishing standards unless you change them. And, once you do change them, you have to publish the Storyline file, then save the file in order for the publishing settings to ‘stick’. You have to do this, because there is no “save” button on the publishing dialog box – there is only Publish and Cancel.

I have tested and confirmed this issue. This is my test sequence.

I created a test document, and saved it. I then went to the publishing settings, and changed from the default SCORM 1.2 to SCORM 2004, 4th edition. I did not publish but canceled the publishing. I then closed down Storyline, but I saved the document with (I thought) the publishing change in place. I then re-opened Storyline, and opened the test file. When I looked at the publishing settings, the settings were still at SCORM 1.2.

I then changed the publishing settings to SCORM 2004, but did not touch the version (Edition 2, 3, or 4- it defaults to 2nd edition). I published the file, then closed the publishing dialog and saved the file. When I re-opened the file, the SCORM 2004 settings were there. I then changed the edition to 4th edition, but did not publish the file. I canceled out of publishing, but saved the file on exit. Coming back in the file still had the SCORM 2004 settings, but the version was still at 2nd edition.

With the file open, I went to the publish settings, changed the SCORM 2004  version to 4th edition, then published the file. I closed out, and saved the file. Then, when I came back in, the SCORM 2004 setting was there, and the 4th edition setting was still there.

This sequence of tests made it clear to me that the Publish button is acting as a metadata “save” button when working in Storyline.

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Chris Dorna

This is still an issue (also in 360) and I have submitted a feature request (#01912398) for this.

Meanwhile it is good to know that once a project has been published the settings are also saved in a template created from the project. When you start a new project from a template the publish settings from the template are active in the new project.

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