Scan short answer or essay for keywords?

Jan 22, 2014

Hi there,

I'm wondering about options for evaluating short answer and essay questions. Can Storyline scan student answers for key words and provide feedback based upon what it finds? For example, I'd like a student response to contain the word "sustainability." I don't want to use the fill-in-the-blank template, because the student response will be a longer description than simply that key word.

In addition, can we program the scenario to accept wildcard answers? E.g., sustain* would accept sustainable, sustainability, or sustain as an appropriate response.

I'm wondering if this is something I could do with variables, but it seems like it might be complicated?

Anyone else use this type of functionality? Thanks for any advice!

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Bhagvat Patel

Hi Michael, Thank you for this post some years ago! 

I am also looking to implement something very similar. I would like to create a few short and essay question with the ability to scan the text for multiple key words.

Can you please share how you did this? I have been trying to get my head around this, but to no luck!

I'd appreciate any help or demo :)

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