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Jul 31, 2015


I was hoping to get advise regarding a project I am busy with.  I am creating questions that have scenarios and based on each scenario there are 3 questions that have to be answered.

I have been looking at the various options in Storyline 2 and in the quizzes sections there are the Free-form and Survey questions which allow for typing in answers. If I use any of these options, one scenario and its associated questions will not fit on one slide so I will have to do it over a few slides.

Can anyone suggest another way of setting up the scenarios and questions and allowing the user to type in the answers?


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Michael Crouch

Hi Leandra,

Possible ideas,

Could you have 1 scenario on 1 page, without the questions, literally just the scenario.

Then the page that follows could contain the question. You could then add to this "question page" a much smaller text box that scrolls, which could contain the scenario text (from the previous page). This could be used just as a reference to what the user has read on the previous page.

Or you could use layers to break up the scenario/questions.

User has the scenario on screen with a "question button" at the bottom, which when selected reveals the layer with the question. This way the user can close the question layer to read the scenario text again if they wish to do so.

I hope this helps?

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