Scene Navigation when Slide 1 of a Scene Changes

Hello all,

I have a series of trainings which are linear, but organized in scenes per content module, per assessment, the scenes are not in numerical order as they were developed out of order and sometimes presented in different orders based on client request. 

During the course of editing or updating the trainings, mapping from one scene to another gets lost when the first slide of a scene is replaced or deleted. Since I generally don't jump back to the story view before publishing - this has lead to "Unassigned Slide" being the target of navigation a couple times, to my embarassment. 

The only thing I can think of to work around this issue would be to have a "dummy" blank first slide which auto advances at the start of the timeline, as the first slide of each scene and not ever need to be deleted. Of course, if SL made it possible to map a next button to a specific Scene and allow the "slide 1" bit be assumed, that would be fantastic too (I'm going to put that feature request in now, actually)

I can't imagine that I'd be alone in having this issue - has anyone else come across a better way of handling this? 

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Pete Lewis

I was looking at the player navigation, not buttons, but I see that now - thank you for the video. I'm not sure why I didn't see it before - analysis-paralysis, possibly!  This is a simple enough change to make...thank you so much! 

The default player behavior has been a little clunky for multi-scene courses - I have to turn off next and previous buttons for first and last scenes so users aren't stuck with dead buttons. Is it possitble to request that there be an error message displayed at publishing when a player link is directed at a nonexistent slide?