Trouble with Quiz Results

May 08, 2018

I know this topic has been discussed before, but I can't find an answer to my specific problem.

I have a file with 2 scenes. The first scene has a couple of quiz slides. The 2nd scene has 5 quiz slides I've branched to from the scene 1 for navigation purposes (they all return to the same slide in the base which has hot spots linking to the scene 2 quizzes).

My results is at the end of scene 1. When I look at its properties,  7 quiz slides from both scenes are checked as reporting, but when I review the quiz, it skips the branched quizzes entirely and only shows the 2 quizzes that are in scene 1.

Can anyone give me hint as to where I've gone wrong?

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Charles Radanovich

Hi Alyssa, I'm using the latest version.

Maybe it has something to do with my changing the Feedback master -- I posted earlier about my travails wrangling with those.

This file is determined to show the results of the quiz slides that are in the first scene only. I had to link a button on my feedback layers to jump to the next slide to be reviewed in order to get it to work.

Problem is that it still refuses to review scene 2s quiz slides before those in scene 1, even though the quizzes in scene 2 come up in continuity way before the others.

Should the Review feedback layers even need a button? I put one there only because the built in layout is unbelievably ugly and is problematic to edit. The blue box is actually a caption, not a rectangle and when I edit it, I still end up with shadows on my text that I can't get rid of.

I have my workarounds for now, but I really need to get this process under control.

Thanks for letting me rant!

Charles Radanovich

Hi Alyssa, I put together a crude story file to illustrate some of the issues I'm having. This may not cover everything, but frankly I'm tired of wrestling with some of these issues and have relied on workarounds. I do like the program and my clients are happy, but some of these problems seem like they should be so basic.

Thanks for your help, Chuck

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Charles,

Thanks for the file, that was really helpful to see what you're using and have set up.

Even though you've visited the second question slide 1st, the review will still follow the order outlined in the "Selected questions" as you've seen in your results slides. 

As for the Review layers, they are set up by default with some specifics such as the bottom banner and the pre-built caption box. You can change those layers to be something a bit more custom using the ideas and directions here. 

Charles Radanovich

Thanks Ashley, the video is very helpful. I guess that means I would completely bypass the Review layout in a feedback master. But it's nice you can get rid of the correct/incorrect banners at the bottom. Too bad those are not customizable.

I would still need to add custom buttons to jump to the next result review slide as I don't use the player buttons, but that's kind of what I'm already doing.

Regarding the order in which the quiz results are reviewed, is there no way to change the order outlined in the selected questions panel? It's always going to be in the order of the scenes?

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