Scene/ Section urgency timer.

Oct 04, 2016

I have created a choose your own adventure story for this module, it has been requested that one section of this story be given a time limit. However we don't want the end user to know exactly how much time they have left to complete. 

Please see the attached images on how we are hoping to showcase the running out of time.  If I were to give the user 5 minutes to complete this section, how would I set this module up to eventually fade to a time out page when the time runs out? AND keep track of the time on the screen when each image is its own slide.

Here is the link to the module as is. Without the timer.


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Cindy Holland

Great! This is a great start.

I am having problems setting up the state change on my timer.  I am using the java script and variable names from one your examples (THANKS!!). 

I have the following SLIDE triggers setup (change the variables to 5:00 & 300)

1) Execute Javascript when timeline starts
2) Change state of timer to 22 when Countdown_Duration changes IF Countdown_Duration is equal to 287 (13 seconds after the timer starts)
3) Jump to 2.2 Run Out Of Timer when Countdown_Finished IF Countdown_Finished is equal to Done.


So the timer works great. It count downs(just for testing) and takes me to the Ran out of time page. However I can't seem to get my timer to switch states. 

I have uploaded my storyline file of just that one section. Any advice?

(don't mind my unassigned triggers)



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