Scene Transition issue

Sep 20, 2017

We have developed a course in SL360 but we are having a problem with the transition between scenes. Each scene has several questions that you must answer before proceeding to the next scene. HOWEVER, if the learner  back-up (hit the prev button) after having answered the last question in that scene. They are stuck and cannot move forward to the next scene.

We can't figure out what we missed...oh guru's of Articulate -- any ideas?

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Claire!  Tell me a little more about your setup...

  • Do the quiz slides have Submit buttons and Next buttons?
  • Are there results slides at the end of each scene?
  • When learners hit the previous button and return to a quiz slide they've already answered, does it show their answer?  Does it allow them to change it?

Feel free to attach your .story file (or a pared down version) for me to test, as well!

Ronaziel Lopez

Hi Claire,

I tested your .story and I noticed that there is no trigger set up for the Next Button that is why it is not working.

I've edited your .story and attached the updated one. I added triggers to the last slide of each scene so it will jump to the first slide of the next scene.

Hope this will help. 

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