Scenes - why are they displaying this way?

Apr 01, 2016

Sorry for the vague title!  I am wondering what I may have done with my scenes.  According to this, Scene 1 can launch into Scenes 2 AND 5?  

How do I reorganized the flow so that it flows in order?  I've tried clicking and dragging and that doesn't seem to work.  Wondering if there is a special way to make this happen that I haven't been able to find on the boards and in help?

My Scenes

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Walt Hamilton

According to that, there is at least one link in scene 1 that links to someplace in scene 5, and one to scene 2. Because the scene 5 link comes first, scene 5 displays on the left. By "comes first" I do not mean in program flow. It is an internal method of keeping track of the objects that hold the triggers. I think it is probably the alphabetic order of object names, or the order the objects were created, but I'm not yet exactly sure.

The point is that the flow of your program is controlled by the triggers, not by StoryView.

Although Storyview drives our OCD friends  to the brink of despair, remember: WHAT YOU SEE IN STORYVIEW IS IN NO WAY RELATED TO PROGRAM FLOW DETERMINATION. It is merely a visual representation of how the triggers are set up.

There is VERY little about program flow that you can change from StoryView. If you have a trigger that jumps to the next slide, you can identify which slide is next by dragging it. Otherwise, almost anything you do in StoryView to change program flow is wasted effort and can be VERY frustrating.

If you want to change program flow, find and change the triggers that control it.

Jazzmine O

GAHHHH!!! My OCD is on fire and shows ZERO inklings of being tamed. Cannot. deal. with. illogical. number sequence.

I've even deleted the scene and recreated it in the hopes that the program will realize that it was wrong and I was right: 6 DOES come after 5. Driving me crazy, I tell you.

And no answers here to try. Crying. Crying and dying inside.



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