Score resets when re-entering a course twice

Jun 14, 2017


After completing (and failing a quiz), we seem to experience a score reset in both Scorm 2004 and 1.2 outputs if you exit the course and relaunch it again - twice over.

The issue has been demonstrated in a lot of our courses so I suspect it is SL2 and SL360 that do this.  It definitely happens when running Flash version of the course, possibly when running HTML5 (not sure).

This is an issue that we've already raised with Articulate support which we identified whilst working through the issue we raised here.

Has anyone else discovered this issue?  I believe it is all sources back to one key bad design within Articulate SCORM interface - and that is that the scorm.core.min/max/raw scores are tightly coupled to the course quiz so that as you progress a quiz, these values are constantly being updated as you answer each question, along with the fact that when you reenter a quiz the SCORM interface gets a flood of  scorm.core.min/max/raw values setting the score back to 0%.  This is a primarily a problem because the 1 minute (SL360; 10 minute SL2) auto-commit can save very odd scores back to the LMS.  Really, the quiz should only be scored at the END of the quiz and only then, should the value be written to scorm.core.min/max/raw.




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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Chris,

Thanks for those details, and I'm really sorry this is giving you headaches. It looks like you were troubleshooting this with Wilbert in your case, and I wanted to share Wilbert's findings here for anyone else runs into this issue in the future.

In our testing, we found that when a course published for LMS using SCORM 2004 3rd Ed or SCORM 1.2 is resumed more than twice, the score is reset to 0%. It looks like this only happens in Flash, not in HTML5. 

I really appreciate you reporting this to us, and we'll be sure to update this thread with new information as soon as we get it!

Alyssa Gomez

Hey Kevin!

Thanks for checking in.  We're still investigating the issue in the Flash output, when the course is resumed more than twice, the LMS score is being reset to 0%.  HTML5 output was last reported to work properly.

Can you let me know what your publishing format is, Kevin?  Does this behavior match what you're seeing on your end?  Thanks!

Kevin Thompson

We are publishing in HTML5 first format (SL360) and continue to see a score resetting problem, but it may not be exactly the same issue that this post describes. We're able to see in the LMS gradebook that the user had completed the object (100% score) and then the score resets to 0, presumably from re-launching the content, perhaps to review before completing a quiz in the LMS. Because the quiz requires completion of the prerequisite content, the user is then locked out of the quiz because the conditional requirements were not met.  The problem requires us to manually override the user's score so they can continue to the quiz. Hoping to find a way to prevent the score from resetting to 0. I'm wondering if choosing the "Always Resume" publish option would help? 

Chris Walsh

Hi Kevin,

You might be suffering from another one of my headaches with the design of Storyline... 
If the user completes and passes a course, their lesson status becomes "complete" (or "passed") and their score is also recorded (cmi.core.score.raw/min/max).

However, if they then choose to "retry" the assessment, their status gets knocked back to "incomplete" and their score can be set to all sorts of intermediate values (including, 0) as they re-progress the quiz. 

What happens then, is that if they exit the course after only partially retaking the assessment (which they often do) and they're left in an "incomplete" state and a random score (which we've since learnt to ignore if lesson status is not set to  "complete" or "passed"). 

Try this out yourself on your course and see if you get a similar result (partial retake and exit of the quiz).

Kevin Thompson

The folks at SCORM Cloud pointed me to the property in Configuration.js called "Score can only improve". We experimented with modifying that property but found that the LMS still reset the score if the user returned to the learning object after completion.

SCORM Cloud support said there would need to be a way to prevent "resetStatus" from being called so the runtime isn't wiped/reset.

That's why I was curious if the publish setting to "Always Resume" would help. I'll experiment and report back when I'm able. 

Chris Walsh

Thanks Kevin.

That's interesting to know (resetStatus).
It might be possible to search the minimised JavaScript to get the function to just return, however whether that would be successful or not would be in the lap of the gods(!) and the resulting course would probably not be supported by Articulate.

Chris Walsh

Hi VetBloom Learning,
This might be best posted as a new discussion, however, can you clarify that you are using Articulate Storyline? or another product?  Auto-Commit is built into Storyline, but if your scorm information isn't being recorded, Auto-Commit isn't fixing your the root cause of your problem.  Commits should actively occur at key points (course completion, quiz completion etc.) and should also occur when closing down the course.  If these are not occurring then I would focus on finding out why,

Katie Riggio

Hi, VetBloom Learning. Thanks for sharing what you're experiencing!

Have you tried uploading the zip package to another LMS environment like SCORM Cloud? How the content behaves there will tell us if the issue is related to your Rise 360 or Moodle's output. 

If you'd like a hand with testing, you can share the LMS output file with our Support team here. They'll let you know what they find and will delete the file after troubleshooting. 

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