Scoring by choice on freedom slide drag and drop

I have created a module that requires a simple interaction from the users. The interaction is to drag and drop any 1 of 10 icons into 1 hotspot. We need to identify what the user selected by giving each icon a value and scoring them based on their selection. there is no right or wrong answer, we only need to know what icon they dragged into the hotspot.

I have tried many different ways of getting that information to show in SCORM LMS but no success. One came close, which was the "freedom slide select one option. gave each icon a different point value, but it would only allow the user to progress to the next stage if the selected the "right choice", which we do not want. 

can anyone suggest a solution for tracking the user's drag and drop selection? 

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Christine Hounsham

Hi Maria,

I'm not i front of SL at the moment, but I have done something very similar in the past.  This is the way I would do it:

Setup.  Hotspot with states = Normal plus states 1 to 10.  Objects 1 to 10. Add a number variable vDDResults (i.e. drag&drop results) set to 0.  Add a select all that apply m/c scored quiz slide to a different scene that the learner can't navigate too. Add ten answer options to the m/c labelled 1 to 10. 

On drag & drop slide add triggers:

-'change state of hotspot 1 to state 1 when object 1 dropped onto hotspot'

-'adjust variable vDDResults to = 1 when state of hotspot object = 1'

-check to name of the variable that was auto added when you added the scored quiz slide - let's call it vQuiz1.  Nb: its important to use this variable and not create your own.  Now add the trigger 'adjust variable vQuiz1to = 1 when variable vDDResults changes, on condition the  vDDResults = 1'. 

Repeat the above triggers for the scenarios 2 to 9. 

Set your LMS completion to report the vQuiz1 result. 

Goodluck with your project.  Cheers Christine