Scoring Issue on LMS

May 02, 2023

Hi there all,

I created a course with 5 question banks using Storyline 360. The first section of the course is viewed by all learners of the organization and then question banks 1 & 2 are answered. From here they split off depending on their job profiles. If they fall within a certain profile, they continue to question bank 3 and finally completes the course.

However, if they fall another job profile category, the proceed to additional content with 3 more question banks and then only concludes the course.

I now have an issue with reporting back to the LMS. The reporting is not coming through correctly. I am not sure what the cause may be, and how to solve the issue.

I am publishing as SCORM 2004 Edition 4th, Pass/Incomplete which is what the LMS requires. The LMS is Workday. I think the issue may be with my Tracking Options setting when publishing? Please could you assist me?

Thanks so much,


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Jose Tansengco

Hi Landi, 

Thanks for reaching out!

I have a feeling that the way you setup your branching causes some of the question banks, which might be getting tracked for scoring by your course, to be left unanswered effectively giving learners a score of 0 for certain parts of your course. 

If you're willing to share a screenshot of the reporting and tracking options that you have selected for your course, as well as a copy of your Storyline 360 project file, we'll be glad to test it to see what's going on. You can upload it to us here as an attachment, or open a case with our support team if you prefer to share your course privately. We'll delete it when we're done testing!