SCORM 1.2 course not tracking with Chrome in windows environment

I'm wisiting one of my courses (Storyline 360, published in SCORM 1.2) in a Windows environment, with both IE11 and Chrome.
The customer asks that, if I close the platform window, the course goes on tracking.
This happens with IE11, but not with Chrome: if I go on visiting leaving just the course window open (and not the platform), the tracking doesn't work.
Any suggestion?
THX in advance.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Marco,

It sounds like your course is set to launch in a new window, and that if you close the original LMS window it prevents further tracking back to the LMS? Could you look at launching the course in the same window to eliminate that issue altogether? 

Storyline has an option for it here, and you could also check if your LMS has a similar setting.