SCORM: 1.2 vs 2004

Oct 21, 2021

Hi everyone,

I'm wondering the difference (pros and cons?) of publishing for SCORM: 1.2 vs 2004.

I tried looking this up, but couldn't find consistent, conclusive information. Any input is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Judy Nollet

The output to use often depends on what the LMS is set up for. However, if you have a choice, I'd say you should definitely go with SCORM 2004 (edition 3 or 4). That has a much higher limit for suspend data. That means it'll allow more info to be stored for resuming a course. (With low data limits and a big/complicated course, it's possible that a user wouldn't be able to resume where they left off if they exit the course before finishing.)

You can find out more about suspend data here: 

Carolyn Kunz

Hi Grace,

We use SCORM 1.2 for basic reporting such as pass/fail or user grade.

SCORM 2004 (edition 3 or 4) provides reporting data, such as question-level data for individual users.

This blog post does a decent job of explaining the differences.