SCORM Activity Management with LMS (Moodle 3)

A typical course with three parts:

  1. Content
  2. Quiz
  3. Survey

I am wondering in the sense of a student learning experience:

  • Before course completing: browse content, take quiz until pass and complete the survey afterwards
  • After course completed: launch the course in review mode:
    • browse content for reference as needed
    • quiz and survey should not in the normal flow, i.e. press next button 

Current setting for LMS: one attempt, force complete

Current setting in storyline 2: single scence, scorm 1.2, pass/incomplete


  1. Course first launch: new attempt, everything works fine
  2. Resume incomplete attempt, everything works fine
  3. Resume complete attempt in review mode: student can click  resume or restart. Any logic in storyline can tell if the course did completed already?

In my understanding, when the scorm 1.2 course starts in LMS, storyline 2 won't know if the course is in Scenario 1, 2 or 3 but just having the variables value to check (either started new or resume with the values from the LMS), quiz variable Results.PassPercent, Results.ScorePercent and survey variable Results2.Passed.

In storyline 2, I can use the variables to control the logic whether the quiz or survey should be presented if student click resume. Should multiple scenes be the best practice for this?

HOWEVER, if student click "NO", all variables are reset. I know there is setting in storyline 2 player to set always resume. This is a trade off if the student would like to browse from the beginning.

I wonder if best practice should use the storyline or LMS' feature to track the completeness of the activity learning. SHOULD I:

  • make three scenes in storyline 2 (content, quiz and survey) if LMS can track the individual scence's completness


  • make three individual scorm (content, quiz and survey)

Finally, how to control the activity sequence in the LMS, e.g. if everything incomplete, content => quiz => survey. If everything complete, content can be access, quiz optional review and survey should not be presented in general.

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tw test

I have one issue for the survey slide in Likert. When user resume or revisit the survey, I would like to check if the survey has been done. If it is, I would like to show a layer with a button to skip the survey and jump to the slide after that.

However, I don't find any variable I can use with the survey slide. All the four variable of the survey result slide is zero, PassPercent, PassPoints, ScorePercent, ScorePoint. Do I need to manually create a variable and set it to true when the result slide of the survey is reached?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi TW,

I'll defer to the community in regards to best practice or how you may look at setting this up for specific tracking within Moodle - but I did want to weigh in on your latest question.

Surveys aren't calculated as part of the score, so you won't be able to use the standard variables of PassPercent, etc. but you may want to look at using the state of the radio buttons associated with your Likert survey and based what layer is shown from the state of each of the buttons or any of the buttons.

Hope that helps and that you're able to get recommendations from our community members on the rest of your set up!