Scorm and AS 3 publishing

Apr 19, 2019

All, I saw the following with regards storyline 3 .

Tip: If your LMS requires you to identify the file that launches your course, point to index_lms.html for SCORM/AICC content or story.html for Tin Can API content.

We are trying to publish and use SCORM  with courses. What are the best publishing options with regards HTML5/ Flash and SCORM. How do I point towards a particular file if required per the tip above?? thanks


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Brian Allen

Aoife, great questions.

Here's a great kb article for SL 3 on publishing for LMS -

Which publishing options are best for you may really depend on your training audience. For example, we have a ton of users still on IE 11. This means Flash first with HTML5 fallback is our best publishing option. If most of your learners are using Google Chrome, I'd stick with HTML5 with Flash fallback.

As far as pointing to a specific file, have you tried loading a SCORM package to your LMS yet? *Most* LMSs will automatically pick up the correct starting file from your imsmanifest.xml file in the SCORM package.

I'd try it first and see if you need to worry about manually pointing to a certain file.

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