Scorm Cloud Error when testing SCORM quiz

Sep 16, 2020

Hello, I'm getting the following message when I upload my SCORM 1.2 file to Scorm Cloud for testing: Course import failed, error was: Internal error importing course. No other details are provided.

The quiz I'm using is one in a series of 9 quizzes for some functional training in my organization. This quiz was working when the training first launched in February this year until at least 8/20/20. Now it is not loading in our LMS. The other quizzes built from the same template are loading and behaving normally. 

I've tried republishing (locally) and reuploading; taking one of the quizzes that works, replacing content, publishing, and reuploading; and creating an entirely new quiz. All give me the same result in our LMS; testing in Scorm Cloud has given me the same error. I've also cleared my cache, etc., and checked for SL2 updates, to no avail.

Has anyone experienced this? What else can I do?

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Katie Riggio

Hi Nicole,

Thanks for also getting a support case started and for including the file! It looks like my teammate, Jan, found the fix:

There seems to have been formatting on the original project file that was causing it to be corrupt during the publishing process. I was unable to find what was specifically corrupted, but I could resolve the issue by opening a new file and importing the quiz there. Here are the steps.

Once imported, I published for LMS output and successfully uploaded it to our SCORM cloud testing environment.

Let us know how that works on your end!

Aljonell Patiga

Hi Nicole,


As it appears, this seems to be an issue on the compression of the  imsmanifest.xml file.

I dug into the imsmanifest.xml and found this:

<item identifier="_150%_Subsidized_ Loan_Rule_Quiz_SCO" isvisible="true" identifierref="__5eJ8yHFCCyh_ course_id_RES">

I removed the %, saved and re-zipped and it import for me.


I hope it works and if in case you face the same problem, try to do this solution.

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