SCORM Cloud produces duplicate SCORM 2004 interaction data from SL 360

Feb 27, 2020

When I test a course in SCORM Cloud, using the SCORM 2004 - 4th Edition, I get duplicate interaction data. There were 20 questions, but I get 40 data entries (see screenshot). The good folks are SCORM Cloud tell me this is an authoring tool issue. They say the setting for the interaction data should be "State" instead of "Journaling." There are obviously no settings for this within the Storyline app. Is there any way to fix this problem of duplicate data?

SCORM Cloud Interaction data (partial)

Thanks in advance for any ideas!

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Ren Gomez

Hi Johann,

Thanks for reaching out, and I appreciate you sharing that screenshot!

From here, I'm going to enlist our Support Engineers' help, so we can best troubleshoot what's happening behind the scenes here. You should receive an email from the team shortly, and I'll follow along to share any relevant insight here!

Lauren Connelly

Hi Kelly!

Thanks for checking in! I'm happy to help.

We were able to test the file and upload the course to SCORM cloud. Fortunately, we didn't see any issues with the interaction data. 

Here are three recommendations:

  • Save the Storyline project as a new file name and import the course to your LMS.
  • Test the course in SCORM cloud to see if you receive duplicate data.
  • View the course in another browser. This will help you determine if it's a cache issue or an LMS issue.

Please keep us updated! You can always reach out to our Support Engineers by using this link.

Kelly Doane

Hi Lauren, 

Thanks for the reply - I didn't upload a file, I was trying to understand if there had been any resolution to Joann's post. 

My LMS is stating that my SCORMs are set to Journaling and therefor producing duplicated results if the learner answers the same question multiple time - as might be the case in an 'unlimited attempts until passed' situation. 

Can anyone confirm that SCORMs from Articulate (Storyline or Rise) are set to Journaling and not State? If so, is there any way to change this? 



Nilesh Vedpathak

Hi Vincent,

I hope that the journaling can be replaced with State, our one of the client requirement is similar. The requirement is that learners would be given a chance to update the question answers as many times they want before submitting the assessment.

We did several projects for the same client, however the data captured on SCORMCLoud and client LMS is having multiple entries for each questions.

Please let us know the solution to keep the single entry for each question while storing the interactions on LMS. 

Becca Levan

Hi Nilesh,

I appreciate you reaching out, and I'm sorry to hear you also see these multiple entries!

SCORM describes that when the State technique is used, the first attempt's value is replaced with the new response, while in the Journaling technique, the value is incremented with each new attempt.

To find what's causing the multiple entries in your case, I'd like to invite our Support Engineers to investigate further. I'll open a case for you with our team—stay tuned for an email with the next step, and we'll go from there!

Santosh Mohan

hi Becca,

We experienced this issue today with the quiz developed in Rise 360. The interaction data gets duplicated with the user clicks on the quiz submit button more than once.  Is there a way to avoid this from happening. May be disable the submit button after the first click or some other way to move away from the screen.

Eric Santos

Hi Santosh,

Thanks for reaching out! Have you tried testing your course in a different LMS to confirm if the behavior you're experiencing is specific to your LMS? SCORM Cloud is a great environment that you can use for this purpose. Here's how to test your course in SCORM Cloud: 

How to Troubleshoot Your LMS with SCORM Cloud

If you can replicate the behavior in SCORM Cloud, would you be willing to connect with us in a case? We'll look at what's happening and come up with a recommendation. We'll reach out soon after we hear from you!