SCORM content over CDN - cross domain issue

Mar 20, 2013


My company is creating a new large scale learning distribution over the next few months. We are using multiple Moodle instances on our servers and will have our e-learning content sitting in a central repository behind a Content Delivery Network. A lot of our older e-learning content was created using our own bespoke code, but we are increasingly generating content using Storyline. The content we currently have uses SCORM based tracking.

We have run into the JavaScript cross domain issue, serving the content this way. After doing some research we have started using the EasyXDM library to allow cross domain transport. We had hoped to just create a fake API that would sit on the content server, that would capture SCORM calls from the learning content, and then use EasyXDM to transport the request and any response to the API on the LMS side. This would then allow any SCORM content to plug in to this environment without any modifications (including the Storyline content).

However, we have found that this does not quite work, a SCORM API call expects a response as a return value, but EasyXDM will only return a response as a callback to a function. This means that during our tests, the API calls registered as failed, as the success call had not yet returned from EasyXDM. As it stands, to get round this, we would have to alter the API calls in the e-learning content to register a success function. This is quite trivial for our own content as we can just alter the API calls that we created ourselves. However for Storyline generated content  we can’t see a way past altering one of these two files:



depending on which SCORM version is used.

Having looked through the files, it doesn’t seem that difficult, but we are reluctant to alter Storyline generated files. Has anyone else tried to achieve this set up with Storyline content? If so, does anyone have any code examples or workarounds?

Hopefully in the near future there will be full Tin Can support in Moodle, and we can migrate away from SCORM and this will no longer be an issue, but we do need to resolve this in the short term.

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