SCORM creating a launcher file

Hi there,

I am having an issue with my SCORM files generating a 'launcher.html' file. 

When I upload to our LMS it launches an extra window (as shown below)


In previous Storyline files I have created, it doesn't generate this file \

scorm files

I published both using the same settings, so I'm not sure what has happened and if there is a setting somewhere that I don't know about that is causing this?




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Angela O'Brien

Hi, and thanks for this post, it's exactly what I need.

I have the same problem, so then republished without the 'launch player in new window' box checked. See attached png.

I've uploaded to my LMS again but it's still launching the additional screen and it's so strange, because the launcher file isn't there any longer.
I've cleared my cache, but that hasn't worked.
I'm using Internet explorer 11, version 11.1397.17763.0

Any ideas would be really appreciated. Thanks again.

Lauren Connelly

Hi Angela!

Thanks for sharing the screenshot! Have you tried using a different browser like Chrome or Firefox? I'd also suggest reaching out to your LMS admin to see if there is a browser they recommend as well. I've noticed that since IE is dated, it can cause compatibility issues similar to what you're seeing.

If switching browsers doesn't do the trick, then I'd look at your LMS settings to see if you can alter the launch behavior from there.

Please keep us updated so we can continue to determine the fix!

Angela O'Brien

Thanks Lauren, 

Yes, we've asked our LMS support crew and we need to use IE. It's not compatible with other browsers.

This is an odd one. We have a number of storyline modules in our LMS and for some reason, this module is the only one launching the extra window.

I'll need to do a deeper dive and get back to you on this one.

Thanks again