Scorm file in moodle

Oct 31, 2016


I created a file in Articulate Storyline as Scorm to post a Moodle classroom. Once I uploaded the scorm I've tried several times as a student and didn’t account me the number of attempts. The Moodle only account the first attempt.

I've looked at the program options in Reporting and Tracking and have seen that everything is correct. I have also ensured that the Moodle classroom is checked to account tracking scorm.

Someone could give me a possible solution?

Thank you very much.


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Fabio and welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

Sounds like a setting that would be set up within your LMS, not with the software. Not sure if the issue is with scoring and perhaps this post will assist you. 

Otherwise, you may want to reach out to Moodle for further assistance if someone in the community is unable to pop in and assist.

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