Scorm issues - resume/never resume


I am testing a simple storyline quiz to see if feedback works as required. Developers said there was an issue with storyline file I sent. I tested in Storm.Cloud and it appears to concern the resume state settings.

I want users to start new every time, so I have selected the "never resume" state. However, when I test this in Storm.Cloud I encounter the issue the developer mentioned - at the results page, the course buffers continuously. When I close it down, the results have recorded correctly.

During my fault finding I ran the course using the "prompt to resume" - the course did not buffer at the end but I encounter another issue. When I complete the course successfully it records a "pass" when I achieve 100% but when I attempt it again if I score 0% the log will still show a pass.

To summarise...

1.) If I use the"never resume" setting, how can I get the course to complete correctly and not buffer on the results slide.

2.) If I use the "prompt to resume" setting, how can I get it to record every score, if the user passes and wants to try again. ( I know once a user passes they have demonstrated the required evidence to pass but I'm creating quizzes for children and they might make mistakes trying the quiz again even when passing.

 Test file attached.

Thanks in advance.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello C,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing what you are experiencing in your project file. 

I was able to take a look and witnessed the same behavior that you described. I've opened a support case on your behalf so that a support engineer can dive in and work with you 1:1. You should be hearing from someone soon.