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Mar 06, 2013


We have been using Articulate Storyline this year, to replace an in-house eLearning tool. One of the things we were able to do with our in-house tool was to associate certain SCORM interactions (which formed our questions) with SCORM objectives (which we used like question banks), and use them to calculate a score for each objective.

Articulate Storyline has functionality in place to score SCORM interactions, but there does not appear to be any way to associate them with objectives.

Is the SCORM objectives planned for future development? Would there be any way to associate Question Banks in Storyline with SCORM objectives, to score individually?


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Peter Anderson

Hi Joseph, welcome!

Apologies in advance if I'm misunderstanding what you'd like to do, but are you looking for the kind of functionality that using multiple result slides would you give you? 

Storyline automatically creates four number variables for each result slide in your course to track points and scores. And, since you can display the value of any variable anywhere in your course using variable text references, you can use a single result slide to display the results for multiple quizzes at the same time. Here's how. 

Joseph Perrin

Thank you for your response. I will try this link to get multiple results on the same slide (I previously ran into problems with multiple result slides).

However, the reason we were hoping for the use of SCORM objectives is so that our client can run reports on these results from the data on their TMS.

Is SCORM objective support in the pipeline for Storyline? Is there any alternative approach we could take?



Joseph Perrin

Hi Alexander,

I've attached the JS files to this post in a ZIP. These need to go in the 'lms' folder of a SCORM-published Storyline project.

They include:

  1. An extra function SavePlayer() added to API.js and LMSAPI.js - this sends the Storyline player object to the LMS instance, so it can get / set Storyline variables.
  2. An updated SCORMFunctions.js which does most of the work - although unfortunately the objective names, as well as the number of questions in each objective (question bank), are currently hard-coded and therefore need to be changed each time.

How to use:

  1. Open the Slide Master view of your Storyline project
  2. For each slide master, add a trigger to Excecute Javascript when the timeline starts
  3. Click the ... button and add this:   lmsAPI.SavePlayer(GetPlayer());
  4. Publish the project to SCORM 1.2
  5. Copy the files in this ZIP to the 'lms' folder of the published project
  6. Open SCORMFunctions.js in a text-editor like Notepad
  7. Go to line 787 (or search for ------- JP --------)
  8. Change the values (objective titles) in the objectiveIds array as appropriate (and add / delete any titles as appropriate)
  9. Change the values (number of questions the project will take out from the question bank) as appropriate (and add / delete as appropriate - make sure the number of values matches that in the objectiveIds array
  10. The project should then be good to go - I'd recommend testing it on an LMS like SCORM Cloud (

There's room for improvement on this, but I've found it satisfactory for my needs.

Kind regards,

Joseph Perrin

Sebastian Carvajal

Hi Joseph!

This seems to be what I need to report additional information about the courses but I am still lost in some part of the process..

I have a big course with different activities and they all report to the "master" results slide. However, theres one activity in which I need the user's specific answer to be reported to my client's LMS. 

I tried to follow the steps you suggested but I don't really know what to do when I get to step 8.

How can I connect the specific answer of that slide to an objective by doing what you suggest in steps 8/9?  Is there anything else I have to do in Storyline to give an ID to that activity?

It is probably too obvious but I haven't been able to figure it out.. my course has a lot of activities and I don't understand how to link one specific activity to an objective.

I would really appreciate any help.

Best regards, 


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