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Mar 11, 2016

What type of data is included in the SCORM package when you publish based on test results?  What type of data is included in the SCORM package when you publish based on slide completion?



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Brian Allen

Hello Sara,

The SCORM package is the same, the difference is in the imsmanifest.xml file, which is a set of instructions that tells your LMS what the completion requirements are for your course.

Here is a decent explanation of the different LMS reporting and tracking options -

Scroll down to the section header "Step 5: Choose Reporting and Tracking Options".

Hope this helps clarify,


Sara Cardiel

I just met with our LMS provider about why our touch-only courses aren't tracking consistently.  They noted that if we have a quiz within the course and choose to have it track by touch, a score will still be sent and that score can cause the course not to show complete by touch.

I am trying to find a work around so that I can keep my existing courses, but not have a score come over to the LMS.  Do you know if it would be possible to do this by simply changing the "result" slide to one of a survey result?

Christie Pollick

Hi, Sara -- Thanks for your reply, and so sorry for the delay in response. My apologies if I am not clear on what you need, but have you had a chance to take a look at "Step 5: Choose Reporting and Tracking Options" from the article Brian recommended above on Publishing for LMS? Perhaps this section can address your question:

Click the Tracking tab on the left side of the window and choose one of the following tracking options:

  • Track using number of slides viewed: Use this option to specify how many slides learners need to view in order to complete the course.
  • Track using quiz result: Use this option to track learners based on their quiz results. If your course has multiple quizzes, you'll need to pick just one result slide to use for tracking. (This option is grayed out if your course doesn't have any result slides.)

Sara Cardiel

Thank you Christie!  I do understand the tracking options; however, we are having a problem with courses tracking correctly when we use the number of slides viewed.  Our LMS provider noted that the courses aren't tracking as a score is being sent to the LMS (even with the number of slides viewed configuration) and since that score isn't above our standard 80% or better, it is preventing the course from showing completion despite the user having viewed all slides.

I am trying to determine the best way for me to keep my quiz in the course and track completion by slides viewed without any possibility that a score will be sent to the LMS causing this problem.  

Brian Allen

Sara, when publishing your course for LMS, in your Reporting and Tracking Options, there is a "LMS Reporting" section at the bottom of the Reporting tab.

You want to set this dropdown to "Completed/Incomplete" for courses where completion is based on slide views.

For courses with scored quiz questions you may want to use something like "Passed/Incomplete" or "Passed/Failed".

Brian Allen

Just wanted to add that setting #slides viewed and LMS Reporting to "Completed/Incomplete" should work even if you have quiz questions in your course.

Having quiz questions in your course is not what prompts Storyline to send score information. That is controlled by what you choose from the drop down menu for LMS Reporting.

"Completed/Incomplete" will result in no score passed, just completion status.

Brian Allen


If you can share the name of your LMS vendor there may be some here in the community who can give you more specific help with settings in regards to course set up.

Another thing to look at, if the results are inconsistent across learners may be the browser they're using. I haven't run into it with Articulate courses, but we have had problems with some of our Captivate-built courses not wanting to report completion status when learners were using Firefox, for example.

Finally, if you're using results slides with your quiz questions, you may try removing any triggers that submit the results (scores) of those results slides, just to eliminate that as part of the troubleshooting process.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Sara -- Thanks for your reply, and when you met with your LMS provider, did you mention that the issue you are reporting is happening sporadically with only some of your learners? And may I ask if you can share the name of your LMS provider, in case others in the community use the same service and can share their experiences?  

Sara Cardiel

Thanks Brian and Christie!  We actually use SkillSoft to host our custom courses.  We did inform them that the issue has been sporadic.  We even had a learner who was having issues reporting completion take the course in different browsers and that didn't resolve the issue.  

When digging through the community I found some interesting articles about Articulate Storyline course factors that can cause a zero to be sent despite tracking by slides viewed, such as the exit trigger causing a 0% to be sent to the LMS or resuming a course causing a 0% to be sent in older versions of Storyline.

I am not sure if the "resuming a course" factor could be affecting this Presenter course.  

We are in the process of testing several options to include removing the results slide.  When we have results I will post our findings so that it may be helpful to others.



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