Can I stop storyline reporting a score to the LMS?

Mar 04, 2014


I have several courses developed in Storyline running on our LMS. They are all set to track using a quiz result, but because it seems to slow the assessments down a lot if we track using the result of an actual quiz, there is a final results page that does not track particular answers.

I have set the course to record as Complete/Incomplete.

But something odd happens when the course is live - most of the time, no score is recorded, and the LMS just says 'complete'. But about 10% of the time, the score is recorded as 0%, which is annoying people....

How can I stop this happening?

Heres what our LMS provider had to say:

it looks as though it IS the course that is reporting a 0% score at times. We're not sure why - the course developer would need to investigate their source files - but the course is at times sending "cmi.core.score.raw" = 0 and other times it is not. 

So the LMS is functioning fine. Looks like the course provider will need to review the source files again to be sure,

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Rebecca,

You mentioned it only happens sometimes - do you know under what conditions? A particular browser the user accesses it through? When they resume the course after exiting?  There was a known issue corrected in Update 3 about exiting a course and then resuming it the score may change to 0. We're currently on update 5 now, do you know what update you published the courses with? 

Becky Evens

Hi Ashley,

It seems to be random - it occasionally does it for me on my own computer, accross different courses, and different updates.

I noticed it happening ages ago, but didn't think it mattered that much as the user was still shown as having completed the course. However, we have recently changed the appearence of the LMS and it stands out more now, so people have noticed it and started complaining....

I am now using update 5, and it is still doing it. The score doesnt change to 0 - it will always be 0 because there are no questions associated with the results screen that tracks completion. I just dont want the LMS to show any score at all.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Rebecca,

I'm not sure I'm following - only sometimes do you see a score of 0 in the LMS, even though there is no score reporting within your Storyline courses? If you're reporting based on a results slide, you may want to change the behavior to report on the number of slide viewed - but I also wanted to share this article on tracking and reporting within your LMS as they would be who I would defer to in regards to what is displaying and why within the LMS. If they're able to pinpoint something in your Storyline course, let us know. 

Becky Evens

Hi Ashely, I need to make sure the users have passed the assessment before the course is recorded as complete, so I can't do it on number of slides. And it slows the course down if I have any questions associated with my results slide. So I have a second results slide, right at the end of the course as the final slide, with no associated questions, and the course is set to use this results slide to track results. So I guess in theory, it ought to record a score of 0% every time, although I would much prefer it to report no score at all - just passed or incomplete. I really don't understand why it is only sending a score sometimes.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Rebecca, 

Is the final results slide tracking the first results slide, or just as a placeholder to submit the completion of the course as you don't want the users to see a score at all? Have you also tested your course at SCORM Cloud to see if this behavior is reproducible outside your LMS, as SCORM Cloud is an industry standard testing method for SCORM content. I think this will help narrow down the inconsistency of when it sends the score and also the mention that the course slows down if you have any questions associated with the results slide, as that last part sounds odd. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Rebecca,

Yes, please try it out at SCORM Cloud to see how it behaves there. Also if you'd like to see what information is being passed to your LMS and to SCORM Cloud, you could enable the LMS debug mode as described here.  If everything works as expected at SCORM Cloud this will be information you could share with your LMS team. 

Steve Andrews

I've also had this issue. In my case, I think I've narrowed it down to this:

  • If I close my course using the web browsers close button, everything is fine - no score is sent
  • If I close my course using my own close button, with an 'Exit course' trigger attached, a score of 0% is attached.

I've just raised a support ticket so I'll let you know how I get one.

Note - this is currently an issue for a client, because their LMS is showing a score of 0% and a Complete status, when not score should be recorded.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Steven,

How did it behave at SCORM Cloud? Did you open up a support case with our Support engineers or your LMS team? If it was with our team can you share the case number so that i can follow along? If it was with your LMS team, please keep us posted on what they're able to determine. 

Steve Andrews

Hi Ashley

It behaved exactly the same on SCORM Cloud, as it did on our LMS. I've had a response back from the Support team to say that they were able to replicate the issue. They're said it looks like a bug in Storyline, so it's been passed onto the QA team for review.

My case number is #00408451.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Rebecca,

I don't have any updates on this to share, but do see that it was shared with our QA team and it's connected to the use of the "exit course" trigger. As a workaround, you may want to instruct your users to close the course by using the browser close button and remove that trigger.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Gordon and welcome to Heroes!

I still see that this issue is with our QA team, and I don't yet have an update to share in regards to time frame for a fix for this update. I'll add this thread to the existing report with our QA team for review and share any information here when we have additional information to share.

Gordon Layard

Thanks Ashley,

I see that Rebecca first reported the issue back in early March and Steven narrowed it down very specifically at the beginning of July. My concern is that my client, Westpac (an Australian bank), won't have the patience to stand by if this is not resolved in a timely fashion. It would be a great pity if they abandon Articulate products as I think Storyline, in particular, is very user friendly and I have really enjoyed using it.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Gordon,

I certainly understand the frustration with this bug and I've added it to the existing report filed with our QA team. I don't have additional information to share at this time but once I have an update I'll be able to post in this thread and since you also have a case open about this issue you'll hear about it there as well.

Vigneshwaran Madhavan



The issue is not happening with 'Exit course' trigger. We can replicate the issue by doing the given below steps. I have attached the sample course, please test in LMS (I have tested in cloud SCORM).

1.       Upload the course in LMS

2.       Launch the course

3.       Navigate to the second slide

4.       Close the course

5.       Re-launch the course

6.       It will ask for the resume option, select Yes

7.       Close the course

8.       Now you can see the score set as 0 (Zero)

Please let me know the resolution for that ASAP.


Emily Ruby

Hello Vigeshwaran!

I tested your file in the SCORM Cloud, and it did work as expected. Attached are two screen shots. The first one is the score as 0% when i closed, then resumed, then closed again. The second is after passing the quiz and exiting.

If this is not working properly in your LMS, please look at the information here regarding troubleshooting your LMS.

Emily Ruby

Hello Vigneshwaran!

You may want to check within your LMS to see if they are recording only the latest score that is reported. You may also need to check that they do allow more than one score to be reported.

If you let us know what LMS your are using, there may be others in the community that may be able to offer suggestions.

Vigneshwaran Madhavan

Hi Emily,

It's not about LMS, even you can take SCORM cloud LMS as reference for this case. All we need this that, the SCORE should not be sent before completing the Assessment (Even sending score as zero is also not accepted before completing the Assessment).

As you said "score as 0% when i closed, then resumed" it should not happen. The score should be unknown or null before completing the Assessment . Once the assessment has been completed then only the score has been updated the actual score the user got.

Now the course has been updated the score after the assessment completion what the user got. But our question/issue is why it sending score as 0% when i closed, then resumed before completing the Assessment.

Kindly let me know the resolution for this ASAP



Emily Ruby

Hello Vigneshwaran!

I took a look at the file again, and I was able to make some changes to the publish settings to get the score to not mark at 0% when a user closes the course. you can set the reporting to Passed/failed, Complete/Incomplete, or Completed/Failed and get the correct results. See attached files.