Can I stop storyline reporting a score to the LMS?

Mar 04, 2014


I have several courses developed in Storyline running on our LMS. They are all set to track using a quiz result, but because it seems to slow the assessments down a lot if we track using the result of an actual quiz, there is a final results page that does not track particular answers.

I have set the course to record as Complete/Incomplete.

But something odd happens when the course is live - most of the time, no score is recorded, and the LMS just says 'complete'. But about 10% of the time, the score is recorded as 0%, which is annoying people....

How can I stop this happening?

Heres what our LMS provider had to say:

it looks as though it IS the course that is reporting a 0% score at times. We're not sure why - the course developer would need to investigate their source files - but the course is at times sending "cmi.core.score.raw" = 0 and other times it is not. 

So the LMS is functioning fine. Looks like the course provider will need to review the source files again to be sure,

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Vigneshwaran Madhavan

Hi Emily,



Still it sending score zero before assessment completion. Please test the course by the given below steps

1. Upload the course in LMS

2. Launch the course (Don't close the course)

3. Navigate to the second slide (You must navigate to second slide)

4. Close the course

5. Re-launch the course

6. It will ask for the resume option, select Yes

7. Close the course immeditely.

8. Now you can see the score set as 0 (Zero)

Please check once and let me know the resolution for this issue..please...


Jeffrey Hurt

Hi Vigneshwaran,

I am wondering if you could pass along the SCORMFunction.js tweaks you made to resolve the problem. We have Intuition as our LMS provider and they don't filter anything coming in from the SCORM package. We have an issue in courses containing question banks that once a user fails the course they have an "In Progress" status until they click the button that sends the trigger "Reset Results Slide." Once they click that button, a "Complete" is sent with a 0% score to the LMS and that Complete is then shown in our system. The course says they failed an need to retake, but if they leave the course/quiz at anytime on that second attempt they are seeing a "Completed" status on their transcript.

If the user simply follows through and completes the Quiz with a passing score without leaving the course, they would never see the complete because it is overwritten with passing score and that passes through to the LMS. Very difficult to isolate the issue because it doesn't show on SCORM cloud or other assessment tools.

Suchart Bantadtiang

Hi Ashley Terwilliger,

I used storyline update 8 and the problem is still occurs.

I try to use sample form Emily Burnett, But it not work.

If the courware only have only content not have an assessment or have an assessment and selected track using number of slide viewed its perfect.

But my courseware have both content and an assessment, we must to select track using quiz result. Because we need to know the test result of student.

But student just view the couseware only 2 page and then they leave the coruseware (they do not reach the assessment page). The score 0% sent to the LMS. I think in this case the courseware should send Incomplete to the LMS not a Score 0%.

Please check once and let me know the resolution for this problem.





Jeffrey Hurt

i am noticing the same issue, and it specifically happens for me when i add an "Exit" command to the player. If a user clicks "Exit" in a course before they complete the entire thing, it passes a 0.

Based on the posts in this thread, it essentially happens any time a user exits before completion.   Unless your course is incredibly short, people will leave and return. 

Hoping to find a resolution for this, or if Vigneshwaran's solution can be shared. The resolution is within the SCORMFunction.js file. I imagine it is a javascript command inhibiting the sending of the value. I also understand that Articulate doesn't really support modification of these files, so if a resolution is known out there, PLEASE let me know. Even if someone "mistakenly" send it to me by email.

There is a huge different between " " and "0". Null does NOT equal 0. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jeffrey, 

I don't know what Vigneshwaran's solution consisted of - but you're welcome to message him using the "contact me" button on his profile. 

Although we can't support the modifications of the file, we're ok to have folks share those solutions here in the forums if they are helpful to others. Just embark on that route carefully is our only caution  - make a back up copy of the project just in case. 

Becky Evens

Hi! Is there any solution to this yet? I still have the same issue, which is that the course marks as complete and can be seen as complete in the LMS, but the score says 0%.

I am now using a new LMS, but the issue is still occurring.

This course has no assessment and is marked complete by the number of slides viewed.

Becky Evens

Hi Ashley,

I've been testing the course, and I definitely still see the 0% when I have closed down the course without using the exit button.

I also tried adding a results slide right at the end of the course, drawing the result from one of the formative questions within the course, in the hope that it would then report the score only at the end of the course as 100%. However, as soon as I have passed the formative question and closed down the course without reaching the results slide, the course shows as 100%, but incomplete, which is too confusing to users.

For the time being, I have created a dummy question slide with a freeform 'pick one' question on it, so it looks like a 'continue' button. Then I have set my final slide up as a results slide so it reports a score of 100%, which is better that 0%! Luckily this doesn't seem to slow the course down like it did on our old LMS.

Is there any timescale to which you are working to resolve this issue?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Rebecca,

Thanks for continuing to keep us updated. I'm unable to offer a timeframe in regards to when we'll hear back from our QA team in regards to a fix - but once we have additional information to share we'll post here and so if you're subscribed to the thread you'll receive an email notifications with our replies.

If there is anything else we can assist you with please let us know. 

Kevin Collins

We just launched our LMS yesterday and some users have already noticed that even though the course is marked complete a score of 0 is being reported. The course was published to report back as Complete/Incomplete based on the number of slides viewed, which in this case was 19/21 slides. Any updates as they become available would be greatly appreciated. 

Dominique Wheeler


I am having a similar issue. I have two courses I published in Articulate Storyline 2. They have a pre-test and post-test included. The initial passing score was 80% for each. However, since Articulate is reporting both the pre-test and post-test results, I reduced the passing score for each to 40% based on whether the student takes the pre-test and pass and/or take the post-test. Additionally, the pre-test is being pulled from the question bank. While the post-test has unique variables for the quiz questions as the client requested a gamification technique for that portion.

The course is working fine in LMS and I set the reporting and tracking to LMS as Pass/Fail but the score is also being reported on the student’s Learning Plan upon completion. I want to prevent the score from being reported on the student side. I also tested the other three reporting statuses in SCORM Cloud and the score still shows.

My question is there a way to bypass sending the score to LMS and only reporting the completion and/or incompletion of a course upon meeting the minimal passing score? Or, at least not report on the student's Learning Plan course completions?

Any help is welcomed!


Jeffrey Hurt

Hi Dominique,

There are two ways to indicate a completion to your LMS: 1) a results slide and 2) number of slides.

You can determine which results slide to use that will indicate completion of a course to the LMS. Say you didn't want the pre-test to be sent and that was Results slide 1 and the post-test is Results slide 2. You would select Results slide 2 to be the reporting factor when you publish. 

In your current scenario (where you don't want the score passed to the LMS), you could cause the action of passing the post -test take them to an additional slide that said "Congrats!" or something similar where there was an additional slide for the Pass route. You could have the "fail" slide information just be on that layer. So lets say the final results slide is slide 30, your congrats slide would make it 31. Using number of slides to determine completion of the course, you would set the completion based on viewing 31 of 31 slides. The user would only see a "Completed/Passed" or "Incomplete/Failed" status. 

Dominique Wheeler

Hi Jeffrey,

Thank you for this feedback! My current dilemma is if I use number of slides viewed for the Pre-Test and Post-Test, the user will fail the Pre-Test and must proceed to Post-Test. The number of slides viewed to reach the Pre-Test is only three slides and then you take the assessment which is 15 questions. If you pass, you can exit the course. The Post-Test needs 14 slides viewed before you take the exam which is 20 questions.



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Dominique, 

The reporting/tracking status you set is dependent on the LMS, and some report completion and success as detailed here.  If you're using a results slide, the score is going to be visible and passed to the LMS - but in regards to not showing it to your students, perhaps there is a setting within your LMS set up that would allow for you to hide that information? I know you mentioned testing on SCORM Cloud, but you may want to share what your LMS is so that folks who use that same set up could chime in here. 

Becky Evens

Hi Dominique, we use Taleo as well, and we have not found any way to hide the score. I have come up with an alternative, which is to add a final question, which doesnt look like a question (as in the attachement) - so there is no way for the user to continue without clicking on 'continue', which is the 'correct' answer. Then the user jumps to an additional results slide, which draws the result from that single question. The course is set to report a score, then the user always completes with 100%.