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Jul 18, 2017

I am building a SCORM report in Saba to show the Course, Course ID, Question ID, and percentages of correct and incorrect responses for each question.  The issue I am having is that there are multiple entries of the same question ID:  Scene7_Slide2_FreeFormPickOne_0_0, Scene7_Slide2_FreeFormPickOne_0_1, Scene7_Slide2_FreeFormPickOne_0_2, Scene7_Slide2_FreeFormPickOne_0_3, ect..  

The last two digits seem to correlate with the number of responses.  Is there a way to have the report show the question only once with the percentages based on the number of responses?  

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Steven McDanield

That is what I am trying to determine.  I am sending the data out in SCORM 1.2  I am just not sure weather the issue lies with the Data being sent, the way Saba is interpreting or a combination of both. 

I would really like a clear reason why there are multiple entries for the same questions.  If I try to add parameters to the report I will get a chart showing every time the question was missed and what the user selected.  This is ok, but not very usable.  What I would like to have is total number of responses, % correct, % incorrect, and then the ability to drill down on the question to see what the correct answer is and what the user chose.  Using conditional formatting a designer can easily look and see if there is a high percentage of test articles being missed and be able to identify if it's an issue with the question stem, or the dis-tractors. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Steven,

If you want to take a look at the data Storyline is sending you can enable LMS debug mode. You could also look at testing in SCORM Cloud which is a standard for testing LMS content. You may want to review the troubleshooting steps here. 

If it works as expected in SCORM Cloud, then you'll want to reach out to your SABA Admin. 

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