SCORM Tracking

I am looking to have 2 different paths thru the same content... one markedly shorter than the other... but i still need completion tracked in our LMS.

It appears that the only option for tracking is "minimum number of slides viewed"... which would not work in this situation.

Is there any way to track completion based on getting to a PARTICULAR slide  (no matter how many were viewed)? 

Any ideas/thoughts would be appreciated!

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Christoph Krieger

To be honest I haven´t tired it in Storyline but I´ve written different custom made Scrom Player for Flash content and custom made XML Quizmakers.

There are ways to try it without scripting in Storyline with existing content on your LMS but you have to find out by yourself how this works. This is not because I don´t want to help you. This is because you can use the same for cheatting.

Jure Gabrovšek


nice post here  

that i add my question.... If there is a way to get custom variable out from storyline with javascript? For example i set variable 'points' for my score variable, now i want to be shown in code that i can conect it with tin can or scorm. 

thank you very much for help :) 

Brian Allen

Hello Jure,

Check out both of these kb articles.  I've used this method with our LMS and it works great...

·         How to send the value of a variable to an LMS -

·         Reporting Storyline variables to an LMS -