Question about minimum number of slides viewed as an LMS tracking option

In Storyline, one option for tracking progress in an LMS is based on the minimum number of slides viewed.  Since I don't currently have access to an LMS to test this, can anyone confirm if this is based on whether the user viewed the entire timeline or just part of a slide? Which one counts toward the completion of each slide?

The reason I ask is because we are allowing users to click ahead at any time but still want to track that they clicked through each slide. Will the above tracking option work?

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Michael Long

Thanks Phil and Ashley. I just tested the module in SCORM Cloud and the results verified what Phil indicated. Slide timelines don't have to be completed in order for slides to be considered as viewed. This allows the module to be seen as complete by the LMS once all slides have been visited even slightly!

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Michael,

I don't know anything about Captivate, but I'd suspect it's a similar set up. You could always do a few test runs of uploading a course to scorm cloud to see how it behaves and under what conditions you can register a complete vs. an inprogress or similar. Hopefully Phil or another community member knows for certain what set up you're working with. 

Brian Allen

I agree, my guess is that Captivate counts a slide view the same as Storyline.

If you want to ensure that folks have viewed the slide one option would be to deactivate your Next button or whatever navigation you're using until so much of the slide has been viewed.  Very easy using a timeline trigger or cue point.