Screen capture -- scrolling

I would like to use the Record Screen feature in Storyline to scroll through a document, but I can't get it to work.  As I scroll, the different parts of the document are showing in the capture window, but when I click Done and Insert the capture, nothing is displayed on the slide.

Is it possible to Record a document as you scroll through it? thanks

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Mary,

I just tried this myself to confirm how it would appear in step by step mode - as the video mode captures everything that you're doing and I was able to see the scrolling a PDF there. Within step by step mode, I inserted it as a View option - and I also saw the scrolling there. 

If nothing is displaying on your slide at all - it sounds like something may not be working with the screen capture as a whole. Can you confirm first that you're working on local drive with your project files? Also have you tried recording anything else to see if the behavior is consistent with any recordings? If so, I'd suggest going through the repair steps.