Screen captured video not playing in Safari.

Aug 04, 2014

Hey All,

I'm hoping that someone will have some insight into the issue I'm having with a project published for web. The project includes animations built out in Storyline, imported audio and screen captured video. When the html output is viewed in Chrome, IE and Firefox all goes as expected. When the file is launched in Safari, everything except the screen captured video plays in sync.

There are no video controls enabled, only for the player and the video is set to play automatically. If you refresh the page, some of the video will play prior to the page freezing. I'm using the latest version of Storyline, updated 7/25.

Any suggestions for publish settings to resolve the issue? Thanks!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kerry,

Are you viewing the Safari content on your PC/Mac or iPad? You'll want to check that you're using a supported version of Safari as mentioned here depending on viewing the Flash or HTML5 content as well.

Also, you mentioned publishing for web, but are you viewing the published content locally or within the intended publish environment as described here. Testing it locally could cause issues with the course and how it plays. Is it only this course that is behaving oddly or all your courses? Was it occurring before the update to Storyline Update 6?

If you're still having difficulty after checking into those items, could you share a copy of your .story file? Please share a few example slides that will help us see the behavior.

Kerry Payneward

Hi Ashley,

Sorry for the delay in reply, wanted to test a little further before coming back to the forum.

The issue occurs while using Safari on a Mac and Safari on a PC (using Spoon), both locally and as an upload. We haven't tested on an ipad yet, but there were no issues with Chrome or Firefox. We are using the standard html output as the HTML5 output was problematic on all fronts.

I cannot speak to whether there was an issue with publishing to web prior to the 6 update, as everything is typically published for LMS. This is the first publish to web. It is essentially a tutorial video for a help page, just a mix of screen captured video along with built in animations through storyline (cursor, fades, etc.). All of the built in Storyline animations and imported audio play in sync, it is only the captured video which freezes, lags or restarts the project to the first slide.

All of our other courses are functioning properly. Is there any special publishing setting which should be used for web content that will be viewed via Safari?

Thanks for your assistance with this!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kerry,

There aren't any special settings for Safari other than ensuring you're using a supported version of Safari as detailed here and an updated Flash player. You mentioned also it restarts the course to the first slide? That sounds particularly odd if there isn't a trigger to bring the user back there. Are you able to share a copy of the .story file here with us or even a link to where the published output is located? You may also want to try loading it to a different web server to see if that behavior is any different and there are a few free options you may want to look at here.

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