Screen captures Replay vs. SnagIt causes 45x Storyline File Size?

Mar 17, 2014

Greetings eLearning Heroes,

Has anyone run into this the following issue? I recently switched out my replay screen capture (file type .mp4) files for my snagit screen captures (file type .mp4) and realized my Storyline project file went from 30MBs to 1.3GBs. The mp4 file sizes between the Replay screen captures and SnagIt screen captures are almost the same.

The published project goes back down to 34MBs but the Storyline file stays the same at about 1.3GBs. It's taking about 20 minutes to publish the file at this point because of all the video rendering/compressing.

My theory is it it's uncompressing the audio video tracks when importing the SnagIt .mp4's and recompressing them during publishing. Anyone have any work arounds or have dealth with this problem yet?



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