Screen Shot with Menu Delay

Apr 23, 2013

I use SnagIt to do most of my screen captures.  One of the modes is a delay mode for capturing menus that appear when the mouse hovers over or clicks on an item on the screen.  In other words I can click the record button in SnagIt then click on the drop down menu on the screen I'm capturing and SnagIt will capture the screen shot with the menu showing.

Does the screenshot in Storyline have this capability?  I've not been able to figure out how to do it in Storyline.  It's not much of an inconvenience to continue using SnagIt but it just adds a couple of steps to the production process.

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Steve Shoemaker

It worked and actually did save me a little time.  Recording the screen and then saving the recording as individual slides is now my preferred method for accomplishing this task.  The slides have to be cleaned up a little bit (deleting callouts, mouse paths, etc.) but the end result is exactly what I'm looking for and quickly produced.

Thanks for the hint!

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Steve and Peter,

Steve, glad that Peter's solution is working for you..and tx, Peter.

Steve, since you mention that using this method means you have to clean things up a little, I thought I'd throw out another idea that works really well IF you have OneNote. It includes a snipping command by pressing the Windows key on your keyboard+S (so, keyboard combo Windows key AND S key).

The beauty if you can open menus, you don't need to turn on any delay and you can grab whatever you'd like.

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