Screen Captures with Storyline

May 27, 2014

I am using Articulate Storyline to develop short software trainings with simple click-thrus. I want to be able to add text captions to a single screen capture, allow for user click action, then provide feedback per slide. In Adobe Captivate, I could record my click thru, and Captivate would add the mouse path and clicks automatically. 

Working with Articulate, is it better to do the screen captures in another program, such as Camtasia? Could I then import the screens as separate slides? Or, can I use storyline for the capturing and then edit the results per slide/screen?

I don't think Articulate Replay provides the editing capability I need since I want single screens with interactivity.

Thoughts or recommendations?

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Lance Treloar

Hi Monique

You can complete the screen captures with Storyline and edit individual slide in the same manner as Captivate.  The record button is on the top tool bar

When inserting the capture, you can insert to one screen or step-by-step slides in view , try or test mode. 

The editing works much the same as Captivate - actually, I feel that it is a little smoother.  There are differences that it may take a little to get used to but the process is very similar.

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