Screen reader not announcing correct answers in assessment review

Hello!  I'm diving into the realm of Section 508 compliance and screen readers and have found something that I cannot figure out. 

When selected "Review Quiz", SL360 shows you the answers you provided to the question as well as a "green checkmark" next to the correct responses.  This green checkmark is not being read by the screen reader (I'm using JAWS 18 with IE 11) so while the learner will be "told" what they selected as the answer, the correct answer is not being announced.

I cannot find a way to add the "green checkmark" to the tab order so that JAWS will announce it. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Thanks so much!


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Matthew Bibby

Hi Birgit,

You can't edit those green checkmarks, so the only way to get this changed is to submit a feature request to Articulate and hope they implement it.

In the mean time, you could create your quiz questions manually (rather than using the inbuilt quizzing options) and build your own review logic where you can control all elements, but that's certainly a time consuming option!