Review Quiz Slide Master

Apr 26, 2021

Hi all,

I am creating a course with a quiz at the end. The course must be 508 compliant.

After a quiz, if I click to "review quiz," Storyline will show me the question and answers. It has a banner at the bottom that says correct or incorrect, and a checkmark to show which answers are correct and which answers I chose.

When I review the quiz answers using JAWS (a screen reader), JAWS will read the question and the answers, as well as the banner that indicates whether the answer given was correct or incorrect, but not which answers are correct vs. which answers I chose. 

Can I access the slide master for these "review quiz" slides? I need to be able to set them to say what is appearing on the screen. Unfortunately I am using a version of SL 360 from December of 2019 because I'm awaiting different 508 compliance fix. Perhaps I can access the slide master for those slides in newer versions? 

I've attached a screenshot of the page in question. Also, the green checkmarks you see on the screen are not 508 compliant (not enough contrast in the lightest part of the checkmark).

Thank you!

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Kristin Hatcher

Lauren, thank you so much! This is an elegant solution. I was actually hoping I could edit the built-in "review" slides as they are just what I'd like but unfortunately don't allow screen readers to say which answers have the green checks. It's quite a bit more work to build my own review slides for a quiz, but I suspect it would be a better experience for someone who is visually impaired. Thank you!