Screen readers and Storyline 360

Jan 04, 2021

Build 3.47.23871.0

I was testing my new course with SL360 with JAWS. Everything was going as expected, until I got to an image. JAWS would not read the alt-text for the image. It just said "Graphic". 

I also noticed that with this build the tab/focus order with the player has changed. Before, when the reader got to the skip navigation button, the next things on the focus order were the Previous & Next buttons. With the most recent build it now starts at bottom left of the player, with the Volume button. The learner now has to press tab 8x in order to get to the Previous & Next buttons. This seems a step backwards to me.

I checked the patch notes, and didn't see anything that indicated the change in the player focus order, so I'm hoping that this was just an oversite or bug in the system.

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Katie Riggio

Hi Joe,

Thanks for writing in and sharing a file for our Engineers to test!

I know you and Gerald are still troubleshooting the alt text on images, but I'll share more context on the second note publicly for others following along:

  • In Storyline 360 Update 47, we rearranged the player controls visually to follow a logical order similar to popular video-streaming sites where the play/pause button and seekbar come first. Check it out: Accessible Player Controls in Storyline 360

Let us know if you have any more questions in the meantime!