Screenreader reading layer name instead of button name when navigating using B key

Our team has encountered an issue with the way JAWS is reading buttons on layers. Using tab/arrow keys, the button text is read correctly. However, navigating to a button (on a layer) with the B key results in JAWS reading the layer name, then the button name (much like the way objects are labelled in the Focus Order window). Buttons on the base layer are read normally.

Has anyone else come across this issue and/or found a workaround?

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Amanda!

I'm happy to help! I've tested this on my end with Storyline 360 (Build 3.50.24668.0), JAWS 2020, and Google Chome. Unfortunately, I do not hear the name of the layer when I navigate to the button on the layer using the B key. Here's a video of my test. I do want to warn you that in this video, I found that JAWS is louder than my voice, so don't turn up the volume too loud initially!

Would you mind sharing which version of Storyline 360 and JAWS you are using? If you'd like me to take a look at your project, you can attach it to this reply or upload it in a support case.

James Kruck

Hi Lauren!

Thanks for your response.

We are currently using version 3.49.24347.0 (the updates to the menu in the next version are not ideal for us), but we've tested at the latest version (3.50.24832.0) as well, and the issue persists. The file I've attached is in the latest version as well. We are using JAWS 2018.

I've attached a sample file of three slides, with the layer example on the second slide. I followed up with our JAWS tester to get a more detailed description of the behaviour:

Everything functions as normal when navigating to any of the buttons on the base layer. Clicking a task button opens a layer with more information. On any of these layers, when navigating to a button using the B key, JAWS reads the first text box on the slide - it does not identify the element as a button or read the button text. If you first use the tab/arrow keys to navigate through each element on the layer, THEN use the B key, the buttons identify themselves correctly. Also of note, this behaviour affects edit fields as well in Review 360. Hitting the E key brings you to the comment field in Review, but reads the first text box on the layer.

Thanks for looking into this!

Lauren Connelly

Hello Amanda!

Thank you for sharing more details! This is what I'm seeing when using Review 360 and JAWS 2020. When I arrive at the second slide and select a button using the B key, I arrive at a layer. If I press B, then I move to the button. If I press the down arrow, then I move to the text box. However, when a button is in focus, I hear the text button. I'd recommend testing with JAWS 2020 to see if the behavior changes.

Amanda Briffett

Thanks, Lauren. We did some testing with JAWS 2020 as well, in the interim, and had the same results.

As I understand, Storyline 360 supports compatibility with the latest version of JAWS (now 2021). Is there any recourse for compatibility issues with older versions? We have users working with JAWS 2018, so our courses must be compatible with that version at this time.

Lauren Connelly

Hi Amanda!

Thank you for those extra details! Are you using Google Chrome as well, or another browser? Since I do not see the same behavior on my end, it's hard to determine what is getting in the way.

We aren't currently looking into changing the compatibility issues with older versions, but if that is part of a discussion, I'll be sure to let you know.